A sampling of compliments for Just Judy

(The bold green was added by Judy for emphasis.)

thank-you note

May 2017, from Art Scott, treasurer of Del Valle Fine Arts

From Elinor Cullen and Jo Ann Koopman, Del Valle Fine Arts; the first two quotes refer to a major redesign of the season brochure for 2016–17, the third quote refers to the 2017–18 brochure, and the fourth refers to a draft of the brochure for the 2020–21 season, now curtailed by Covid-19:

Hi Judy—
… We all at Del Valle Fine arts love your work (and I so appreciate your amazing patience and unfailing reliability and good humor), so I hope you’ll be willing to work with us on this new, evolving endeavor. …
Best, Elinor (12/15/15)

Dear Judy,
You have been so accommodating to our brochure committee and we have watched our comments transformed into a first-rate product. Thank you so much for your inspiration and talent. We appreciate all the work that you have done.
With best wishes,
Jo Ann (3/12/16)

Hi Judy—
Wow—success again! Such a good feeling to finally get things wrapped up for this upcoming season. … the great part is getting to work with you! I so appreciate your eye for detail, your aesthetic sensibility, and above all your patience and your responsiveness. You are the best!
Thank you so very much!
Elinor (4/26/17)

Hi Judy—
It is always a great pleasure working with you. You are always so responsive to our needs and so skillful in interpreting how best to convey our message. I am so sad that this year’s season had to be abandoned; it was a particularly good line-up of musicians and your brochure draft was one of my favorites. …
Elinor (6/16/20)

From Tim Szybalski, Western Hills Garden:

Thanks, Judy. The website is (almost) as beautiful as the garden right now. (4/6/16)

I have been very impressed with your understanding of our needs and the fast, responsive service. (8/14/17)

From Anne Coll, Music Teachers’ Assn. of California, Alameda County East Branch:

JUDY, THE FLYER LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!! I knew you’d figure out the best wording. …
Thank you so much for another fabulous flyer!
Anne (7/21/15)

From Dao Nguyen, Valley Dance Theatre, about dance programs:

Hi Judy!
Thank YOU! I know it’s a lot of details that you are so AWESOME at keeping straight!
Dao (5/23/15)

thank-you note

February 2009, from Walter Davies, owner of the LAST Factory

From the Livermore-Amador Symphony Association’s Carol Boster, referring to a special symphony logo and a new season brochure, and Denise Leddon, marketing chair:

The layout is absolutely terrific—done by a genius in the field (you). The logo-changing from 50th season to A.P. Barnes 50th year is great …. You have done an amazing job.
Carol Boster (5/2/13)

Dear Judy, … Thank you for your dedication and great work. I’ve heard 2 different people say something along the lines, “I use Judy because I can count on her.” You know that is how we all feel about you! …
Denise (7/2/17)

Hi Judy,
Just taking time to say thank you for the efforts you have always put into our LAS website! It is always spot-on accurate shortly after any new developments arise for the symphony. We all rely on your precision. Thank you! …
We all feel the same way about you. It is a pleasure working with you.
Denise (6/17/20)

From Jeff Eckart, Westbrae Nursery:

Judy, Great job on the website. I’ve been showing it around and it’s gotten rave reviews. Thanks again. Jeff (11/21/08)

Thanks Judy. I talked to a well known (in nursery land) consultant yesterday and he had very complimentary things to say about the web site. (7/4/09)

“…Finally, thanks are due to Judy Eckart for her excellent work converting a crude manuscript into a textbook.”—John White, in the Acknowledgments (page vi) of Science Appreciation: Introduction to Science Literacy, by John White and Michael Dennin, ©2008.

From Beryl Anderson, Tri-Valley Concervancy, about copy-edits for a newsletter:

Hi Judy,
You are AMAZING! You made wonderful suggestions, additions and catches as always!
Thank you so very much for your time and help, Judy! …
Beryl Anderson (3/31/16)

From Lynn Rogan, Valley Dance Theatre, referring to various projects including programs for The Nutcracker:

Thanks, Judy, … I want you to know what a pleasure it has been to work with you. … I, for one, appreciate your wonderful work and willingness to adapt to the litany of voices chiming in with suggestions, corrections, etc. … thanks again for all you’ve done to help make the VDT so great. …
Lynn (6/8/08)

From Mandy Benson, California NOW, to other CA NOW staff members, sent with the Tri-Valley NOW chapter newsletter for 11/05 attached:

Hi …, I’d like you to take a look at Tri-Valley’s current newsletter, edited by Judy Eckart. Every month Judy produces a fabulous, professional newsletter…. I have continually been impressed …. Mandy (11/3/05)

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