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Just Judy provides careful, skilled page layout
at a reasonable price.

Just Judy Desktop Publishing Services will transform your words, images, and ideas into an attractive format for printing or publishing.

Just Judy produces masters for brochures, newsletters, event programs, business cards, ads, résumés, certificates, price lists, stickers, and more.
part of a garden map
A map is included in the Visitors Guide for
Western Hills Garden

Just Judy designs, develops, and maintains websites.

Just Judy coordinates with printers if the client wishes. Typically, the client provides text and a general idea of the desired layout. Multiple drafts and last-minute requests for changes are not at all unusual.

Related services include typesetting, graphics scanning or selection, and copy-editing.

Just Judy publishes books and assigns International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs).

We enjoy customizing.

If you want snappy work and don’t really care about an error or two, please contract with someone else.

If you want high-quality products and excellent service, call (925-294-9477) or
e-mail info@justjudy.com for a quote.
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Just Judy Desktop Publishing Services, Desktop Publishing, Livermore, CA

Telephone 925-294-9477, E-mail info@justjudy.com

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